Timah A. Twalipo

Timah A. Twalipo is a community liaison officer responsible for designing and implementing innovative interventions to support adherence to HIV care and treatment services at ICAP-supported sites in Tanzania’s Kagera Region. In this role, Timah is helping to establish community-centred defaulters tracking systems as well as psychosocial support programs for persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Before joining ICAP, Timah worked as an HIV/AIDS program officer for the East Central and Southern Africa (ECSA) Health Community Secretariat based in Arusha, Tanzania, where she was involved in planning, designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of HIV/AIDS program activities. In this position, she also developed funding and research proposals. Timah has overseen research on the implementation of infection prevention control programs in government hospitals in the 11 ECSA member states. She also established and maintained linkages among UN agencies, donors, and governments (ministries of health) in ECSA member states. In addition, Timah has worked for Coins International and the Eastern Africa National Networks of Aids NGOs providing technical assistance to their programs.

Timah holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Dar Es Salaam, a diploma in information systems management, and certificates in monitoring & evaluation as well as policy advocacy.