Ingabire Pacifique Seraphine

Ingabire Pacifique Seraphine is a monitoring and evaluation field officer for ICAP Rwanda, responsible for managing data and information about ICAP-supported care and treatment sites in Kibuye area.

Before joining ICAP, Ingabire worked as a medical representative in Rwanda for Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Company. In this role, she collaborated with different medical institutions, including hospitals, pharmacies, insurance companies, and non-governmental organizations, on the therapeutic monitoring of Glenmark drugs. She also evaluated quality of services for health institutions, conducted needs assessments for pharmaceuticals in Rwanda, and supplied products along with their pharmaceutical information to medical personnel. In addition, she worked as a nurse in internal medicine at the National University Hospital in Kigali where she cared for HIV patients.

Ingabire holds a diploma in dentistry from Kigali Health Institute.. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in demography at Kigali Independent University.