Amilcar Tanuri

Amilcar Tanuri, MD/PhD, is an ICAP regional laboratory advisor. In this role, he helps coordinate the development of laboratory capacity at ICAP-supported HIV/AIDS care and treatment sites.

Before joining ICAP, Dr. Tanuri provided laboratory support to the Global AIDS Program in the Division
of AIDS, STD, and TB Laboratory Research, at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In this role, he worked in the Office of Director to help build laboratory capacity in a number of African countries, including Angola, Mozambique, Rwanda, and Botswana. Dr. Tanuri also was an assistant professor of genetics in the Department of Genetics at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) where he founded the Molecular Virology Laboratory dedicated to the study of molecular and immunological aspects of human and animal viruses. In addition, Dr. Tanuri served as a laboratory consultant to the Brazilian AIDS Program at the Brazilian Ministry of Health in the development of a national laboratory network for HIV/AIDS care and treatment.

Dr. Tanuri holds a medical degree and doctorate in genetics from UFRJ. He earned his master's degree in biophysics from Insituto de Biofisica Carlos Chagas Filho, UFRJ.