Fatima Tsiouris

Fatima Oliveira Tsiouris, clinical nutritionist by training, serves as prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV program officer and nutrition advisor for a number of ICAP host countries. Under the University Technical Assistance Program (UTAP), Fatima has been supporting the development and implementation of two model prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS (pMTCT) centers in Mozambique.

Fatima also serves as a Clinical Nutritionist in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Harlem Hospital where she mainly provides nutritional assessments, counseling and supplementation interventions for sero-positive individuals.

Before joining ICAP, Fatima served as a consultant for MCAP Mozambique and joined the team full-time in September of 2004. She also worked as a community liaison and research assistant with the Center for Urban Epidemiologic Studies (CUES) at the New York Academy of Medicine. 

Fatima’s interests include the double burden of HIV/AIDS and malnutrition as well as the profound influence nutrition has on the immune system. For her master’s thesis, Fatima worked with the Treatment Action Campaign in South Africa developing nutritional guidelines for people living with HIV/AIDS.  She also is interested in maternal and child health and infant feeding in the context of HIV.

Fatima holds a masters degree in Human Nutrition from the Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University and a bachelors degree in Religious Studies from New York University.