MTCT-Plus Initiative: What We Do

The services offered by the Initiative are designed to be comprehensive, with a focus on keeping each member of the family healthy and engaged in long term care. In addition to antiretroviral therapy for those who are eligible, a variety of HIV-related and primary health care services are provided, including opportunistic infection prophylaxis,  screening and treatment for other diseases, particularly tuberculosis, nutritional evaluation and support, access to family planning, and clinical and immunologic monitoring. Psychological support and adherence counseling by counselors or peers are considered critical components of the MTCT-Plus Initiative.

Pediatric care is an essential component of family-focused services.  All HIV-exposed infants are monitored until HIV infection can be definitively diagnosed or excluded. Each site has access to early virologic tests to provide timely diagnosis of HIV infection during the first months of life. All children have regular assessments of growth, developmental status and CD4 counts while receiving opportunistic infection prophylaxis and ART, if eligible.

The MTCT-Plus Model of Care has been implemented through 14 clinical programs based in nine countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. After five years, the Initiative has provided life-saving care and treatment to more than 13,000 adults and children and has made valuable contributions toward increasing community awareness and preserving families.