Adult HIV Prevention, Care, & Treatment

ICAP partners with district, provincial, and regional healthcare systems in host countries to develop sustainable HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment programs for men and women. These family-focused programs, which are led by multidisciplinary teams of providers, support the following activities:

  • HIV/AIDS care and treatment, including provision of antiretroviral therapy, prevention and treatment of opportunistic infections, and management of HIV-related complications and other infections, such as tuberculosis;
  • Continuum of services to meet patient and family needs at all stages of HIV disease;
  • Prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT);
  • Voluntary counseling and testing;
  • Psychosocial outreach, such as peer educators, to encourage retention and adherence to HIV care and treatment and reduce stigma associated with HIV;
  • Patient-tracking systems;
  • Links to community resources, including income-generating programs.

In support of HIV/AIDS clinical programs, ICAP has developed an array of clinical support tools, manuals, and other resources. It also collaborates with partners and other organizations on a range of clinical training programs.