South-to-South Partnership for Comprehensive Pediatric HIV Care and Treatment

To build capacity for pediatric HIV/AIDS care and treatment services in Africa, ICAP and South Africa’s Stellenbosch University coordinate the South-to-South Partnership for Comprehensive Pediatric HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment. The program brings multidisciplinary teams of providers from many settings to Stellenbosch University where they develop technical and practical skills for implementing comprehensive pediatric HIV/AIDS services based on the family-focused model of care. As part of the program, trainees learn about HIV care and antiretroviral therapy management of children through rotations at Stellenbosch University’s Tygerberg Children’s Hospital, an experienced pediatric HIV/AIDS care facility. Complementing the clinical activities is a didactic program that emphasizes case management and service implementation.

In April 2007, ICAP and the South-to-South Partnership held the first Collaborative Pediatric HIV Strategic Planning Workshop. For a complete listing of workshop presentations and proceedings, visit here.