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ICAP clinical manuals outline a step-by-step approach to the care of HIV-infected adults and children in resource-limited settings, emphasizing multidisciplinary, family-focused care.

The Columbia Clinical Manual contains 24 chapters organized into seven sections: family care coordination; adherence assessment and support; psychosocial assessment and support; nutritional assessment and support; clinical care of adults; clinical care of infants and children; and care of the caregiver. Chapters on the care of infants and children with HIV/AIDS have also been collected into the ICAP Pediatric Clinical Manual. All are updated and expanded periodically.

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Other Publications

Peer Education and Support in HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, and Treatment: A Comprehensive Training Course for Expert Clients in the Kingdom of Swaziland:

MTCT-Plus Initiative Training, March 2007, Haiti (materials in French)

HIV Care and pMTCT in Resource-Limited Settings: The Monthly Intelligence Report

Current Topics in HIV Care and Treatment: A Publication of the ICAP Clinical Unit