ICAP programs are built on the belief that HIV/AIDS services should be universally available and accessible. They also recognize the rights and obligations of host countries to design and implement locally appropriate programs. With this mind, ICAP works with Ministries of Health, local governmental organizations, and in-country partners to develop sustainable HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment programs that are integrated into national HIV/AIDS control programs. ICAP supports an array of capacity-building initiatives, including:

ICAP-supported HIV prevention, care, and treatment programs are based on a comprehensive model pioneered by ICAP leadership. The ICAP model consists of:

  • A family-focused approach to HIV prevention, care, and treatment services;
  • Support for multidisciplinary teams of healthcare providers;
  • A continuum of clinical and supportive services to meet patient and family needs at every stage of HIV disease;
  • Programs to promote retention and adherence to HIV care and treatment;
  • Empowerment of patients and their families;
  • Linkages to community resources.