ICAP is a global leader in HIV and public health. Founded in 2004 at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, ICAP supports clinical services, infrastructure, training, and partnerships that help strengthen health systems and address serious global health threats.  ICAP provides technical assistance and support to more than 1,300 health care facilities across 21 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia.

ICAP’s Next Generation Program is a multidisciplinary training initiative that provides hands-on internships in global health to students enrolled in a variety of academic programs including public health, medicine, dentistry, business and social work at Columbia University and at other institutions.  The Program provides students with an opportunity to develop public health skills while working side-by-side with global health experts in New York and around the
world. Students work on specific projects that help them appreciate the structure and function of health
systems and health services in resource-limited settings.  Students also gain a better understanding
of health issues such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, among others. Visit the FAQs for more information

Application Process: Send a statement of interest and resume to Megan Affrunti at and place the internship code in subject heading of the email. Statement of interest should include the following:

  1. Why are you interested in an internship with ICAP?
  2. What are your goals for your internship experience?
  3. Why are you interested in the specific project that you are applying?
  4. What skills and experiences will you bring to the project?

Application Deadline: January 6, 2012. 


ICAP Country Program – Central Asia (Kazakhstan)

Internship Description

Desired Qualifications

Needs Assessment in Strategic Information: ICAP in Central Asia is currently conducting a baseline assessment of HIV care and treatment services provided by the government. The student will assist with survey design, database development, data collection, analysis and synthesis of results from the assessments.  Student will assist with the development of reports and presentations based on the findings from the assessments.   

Student with experience with needs assessments, research and data analysis. Knowledge of Russian strongly desired.

ICAP Country Program - Lesotho

Internship Description

Desired Qualifications

Strengthening TB/HIV Programs: ICAP Lesotho works in partnership with the Ministry of Health to strengthen integration of TB/HIV services at national, district and facility levels.   The ICAP Lesotho team would like for a student to familiarize with TB/HIV programs at ICAP-supported facilities; assess strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities for programs; document TB/HIV program achievements and lessons learned; compare the impact/efficiency of different models of TB/HIV integration and make recommendations for program improvement.

Student with experience in program evaluation.  Good writing and communication skills.  Interest and experience in TB & HIV programs or TB/HIV integration a plus.

Nurse Education Partnership Initiative (NEPI): The ICAP-supported NEPI project aims to strengthen the capacity of nursing and midwifery education institutions, as well as support innovative nursing retention strategies.

ICAP Lesotho would like for a student to collaborate with nursing education institutions and help them meet their goals of increasing student enrollment and introducing new, effective teaching methods into their curriculum.  Student will document best practices and assist with developing effective strategies.

MPH or nursing student with interest and experience in institutional capacity building. Strong communication and writing skills. Background in education/training a plus.

ICAP Country Program - Mozambique

Internship Description

Desired Qualifications

Enhancing Psychosocial Support and Community Linkages Programs: ICAP Mozambique would like for a student to provide programmatic and administrative support to the psychosocial support and community linkages unit.  Specific activities would include mapping of support groups (Peer Educators, Mothers, Enriched Porridge, Traditional Birth Attendants); logging the frequency of meetings, number of participants, and key discussion topics; developing  strategies to promote groups, and for increased engagement and involvement of participants in these groups.

Student with experience in working with vulnerable populations in resource limited settings.  Community outreach and involvement experience required.  Excellent communication skills.  Must be an independent person that is confident and comfortable with vulnerable populations.  Portuguese or Spanish proficiency required.

Mapping of CD4 Access: ICAP Mozambique would like a student to perform an assessment of CD4 count access at ICAP-supported sites in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.  This would include mapping logistics of transportation of sample and results, results turnaround times, analysis of information flow between health facilities and labs, and within health facilities. 

The student will design a comprehensive, sustainable and functional flowchart in accordance with the conditions of each level of care (province, district and localities), develop a set of recommendations based on the assessment to improve the CD4 logistics and access for two focus provinces (Nampula and Zambezia).

Student with strong verbal and writing skills in English and Portuguese; knowledge of SPSS, MS Excel; basic knowledge of data analysis, interpretation and presentation. Strong interest in assessing and strengthening health systems. 

Country Program: ICAP Swaziland

Internship Description

Desired Qualifications

Linking HIV Positive Persons to Care and Treatment Services: To date, the Swaziland HIV Incidence Measurement Study (SHIMS) has identified persons whom are HIV positive. ICAP and the Swaziland Ministry of Health are working to ensure that HIV positive patients are linked into care and treatment services. ICAP Swaziland would like for a student to assist with reviewing patient records at randomly selected healthcare facilities with the aim of defining the proportion of patients who have successfully linked into care and treatment.

Student with strong analytical skills and experience in research.  Data collection, entry and analysis experience required.

Option B plus – HAART Treatment for Life: Swaziland is currently providing Option A to pregnant women who are HIV positive.  Option A regimen includes AZT for the pregnant woman and NVP for the baby. ICAP is conducting a pilot study called Option B which involves all HIV positive pregnant women receiving HAART treatment for life.

ICAP Swaziland would like a student to provide support and monitoring of the implementation of the pilot study. The student will assist with study coordination and will ensure accurate documentation of the process.

Student with experience in research and strong project or study coordination skills. Strong organizational, writing and communication skills.

Evaluation of Nurse ART Initiation in Swaziland (NARTIS) Pilot:  The Ministry of health of Swaziland in collaboration with ICAP is piloting a nurse-led ART initiation program in which ART can be prescribed and monitored by nurses in Swaziland.
ICAP Swaziland would like for a student to support the evaluation of NARTIS and to document best practices for decentralization of the pilot project.  Student will be involved in data collection, creation of standard operating procedures and writing progress reports.

Student with experience in research and strong project or study coordination skills. Strong organizational, writing and communication skills.

ICAP Country Program: Tanzania

Internship Description

Desired Qualifications

Labs and Health Systems Strengthening: ICAP is conducting a study on labs and health systems strengthening, evaluating the impact of PEPFAR’s investment in labs on the general population.  The study design is a cross-sectional survey of approximately 50 labs in Tanzania.
ICAP Tanzania would like for a student to help coordinate survey development and conduct data collection in the field.

*January/February 2012 Start*
Excellent organizational and leadership skills. Experience with project/study coordination, survey development and data collection.  Interest in research, labs and health systems strengthening.

United for Risk Reduction and HIV/AIDS Prevention (URRAP):
The URRAP program uses community support networks of peer educators and outreach workers to provide high-quality services to key-populations-at-risk including injection drug users (IDU), commercial sex workers and men who have sex with men to enhance primary and secondary HIV prevention; to provide voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) services; and to expand access and linkages to STI management and HIV care and treatment services.  The program is currently being scaled-up in two regions.

The student will assist with URRAP program scale-up, supporting the program as it engages IDU and other populations in HIV prevention activities.   The work will also involve enhancing the skills of local NGOs, outreach workers and support groups to provide HIV prevention interventions to persons engaged in high-risk behaviors.

Student with experience in program management, community development, training and capacity building.  Ability to adapt to difficult working environment with diverse people and cultures; experience in working with key-populations-at-risk (IDUs, commercial sex workers, men who have sex with men) without judgment or fear.

ICAP Country Program: New York

Internship Description

Desired Qualifications

Supporting ICAP’s Monitoring & Evaluation Unit: ICAP in New York would like for a student to assist the team with various activities including protocol development, preparation of table shells for papers, drafting of papers and data analysis.

MPH student with an interest in research, as well as some SAS or STATA skills.  Student must be a quick learner, extremely organized and able to work independently.