POSITION: Laboratory Management Advisor, National Reference Laboratory (NRL)

INSTITUTION: Rwanda National Reference Laboratory

LOCATION: Kigali, Rwanda



The Laboratory Management Advisor will provide a range of management support to the Director and other management staff of the NRL with the goal of increasing the organization’s capacity to effectively manage Laboratory functions and national-level programs


The successful candidate will report to the Director, National Reference Laboratory, and will be responsible for:

  • Providing range of management support to the Director and other management staff of the NRL with the goal of increasing the organization’s capacity to effectively manage Laboratory functions and national-level programs
  • Assisting NRL to develop a management plan with measurable outcomes
  • Supporting NRL to strengthen financial and program management systems
  • Helping NRL develop protocols for managing donor grants
  • Helping develop nationwide sample transport system and communication system between national and provincial-level laboratories
  • Developing and implementing operating procedures and standards to ensure laboratory safety and overall organization and cleanliness
  • Providing advice on laboratory setup or design, equipment acquisition, laboratory operation and monitoring, and maintenance
  • Controlling equipment and supplies inventory including maintenance of equipment for the NRL as well as for the Rwandan National Laboratory system as a whole
  • Recommending, purchasing, locating, negotiating prices, and ordering equipment and supplies for funded research, clinical testing, proposals
  • Maintaining vendor contacts and backup purchase documentation files for reference or reporting, as needed
  • Researching and identifying trends and needs and establishing program directions accordingly
  • Assessing quality of program operations
  • Modifying existing program services or creating new program offerings to maintain or enhance the performance of the lab
  • Providing technical assistance, supervision and instruction to junior technicians and staff
  • Monitoring integration and implementation of a data management system
  • Working with the Quality Manager to established quality systems at the NRL

The Rwandan National Reference Laboratory is the central clinical laboratory supporting the Rwandan national laboratory system. The NRL supports regional, district and health center labs via quality assurance, technical assistance, training of technicians and other staff and procurement of reagents, equipment and supplies. Other NRL responsibilities include more technically demanding laboratory procedures not present elsewhere in Rwanda such as bacterial, mycobacterial, and fungal culture, PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), Flow Cytometry for determination of CD4 count, ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbency Assay) as well as complex hematological, immunological, microbiological, electrolyte and biochemical testing. In the near future the NRL intends to expand its activities in relation to the scaling up of the national response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This will include increased capacity for CD4 counting and other flow cytometry, development of protocols for viral load determination and general PCR techniques for resistance and viral subgroup surveillance.


The ideal candidate should have:

  • Master's degree in a relevant scientific field
  • A minimum of five years experience managing a large clinical or research laboratory; experience in a governmental setting is preferred but not required. (Combined experience/education may substitute for minimum experience).
  • Prior experience with relevant current technical laboratory procedures including PCR, hematological, immunological, biochemical and microbiological analyses, flow cytometry, gel electrophoresis and light microscopy.
  • Basic computing skills including Microsoft Excel
  • Knowledge/experience of procurement procedures and equipment/supply/stock tracking and inventory
  • Experience with lab-related data management systems
  • English and French proficiency


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